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Proficient Research, Innovation AND Development

Proficient Research, Innovation and Development (PRID) is a limited liability company, and is registered in England and Wales (Company number 9941862) to carry out business in the areas of event planning and hosting, as well as associated event support services. At PRID, we organise events of academic, professional, practical, developmental and/or business relevance at strategic locations in the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond. We specialize in organising budget events (low cost) of high quality for different categories of audience without compromising standards and ideal practices on national and global scale. We organise small, medium and large delegate events.

At PRID, we believe that any knowledge created needs to be shared with potential knowledge recipients in order to facilitate development especially in the developing world. We believe that developmental challenges facing most countries are not insurmountable, provided knowledge and innovation are shared amongst relevant stakeholders within and beyond each individual country boundaries. Our overall aim is to help potential knowledge recipients to have access to knowledge and innovation from knowledge and innovation creators by providing platforms that will allow knowledge sharing amongst relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders that will likely benefit from increase in knowledge that may be beneficial for development include but not limited to : academics, researchers, policy makers, business people, industrialist and development workers. However, some events may be more relevant to certain categories of target participants than others may.

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To provide enabling platforms and media to facilitate knowledge and innovation sharing amongst relevant stakeholders in order to aid in developmental initiatives, programmes and initiatives.


To facilitate development by providing
access to relevant knowledge and innovation.

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